House Rules

House rules are there for everyone’s safety and to keep the space in good working order.

General Rules:

  • Everyone entering the space must have a signed waiver for the current Calendar year.
  • You must be certified and an RCL member to use any makerspace machine.
  • People under the age of 18 are to be supervised by a responsible adult.  Obviously age is a factor of supervision but there is no “just expecting someone else to watch their kid or that a kid will just behave”.  Please be responsible.
  • Be Respectful to your fellow makers.
  • Return all tools to where they belong.
  • Clean up after yourself, leave the makerspace better than when you arrived.
  • Any unopened beverage(s) left at the end of a day will be added to the community fridge.
  • No food shall be left in the space.  Do NOT dispose of food related trash in the makerspace.
  • If you find we are low on supplies or a machine is broken / down please submit a service ticket.
  • RCL is not responsible for any personal items that are lost or stolen.

2nd Floor Rules:

  • 3D Printers are NOT to be started remotely, a certified person must be present during the start of the print.

1st Floor Rules:

  • RCL Members and Authorized Individuals only.  Visitors must be accompanied by an RCL Member or Authorized Individual.
  • No alcohol

Please also see  Visitor and Membership Terms and Conditions