Membership Terms and Conditions

Visiting / Visitors

  • Any non-member individual is allowed two non-public visiting days in every calendar year.  Examples of non-public visiting days would be build nights, work days, and meet and greet events.  In the event that an individual is found to be visiting more than two times in a calendar year, this individual will be reported to the board of directors and the decision of the board as to the actions that will be taken.  All visitors must comply with by-law regulations and have a signed waiver upon entry.

Dues and Membership

  • All dues are due each month. Payment dates are based on a given members initial signup date.
  • If membership dues are past due on the next membership period, membership will be suspended until membership dues are paid in full or membership is canceled.  Membership will be canceled automatically in the event that dues for the next membership period are delinquent past 7 days of the next membership period.  In the event that a membership is canceled by choice or design, the person(s) attributed to the membership being canceled will be subject to ‘New Membership’ regulations and rules.  In the event that a membership is suspended any person(s) attributed with the membership will not be allowed to participate in non-public group occurrences and email notifications will be issued until such time that the membership is reinstated or canceled.


  • Any person(s) attending a non-public event is required to record their attendance through the group supplied tracking medium and have a current waiver on file.

* In the event that the terms and conditions changed or updated all current members will be notified of the modified ‘Membership Terms and Conditions’.

** All person(s) as defined in the ‘Visiting / Visitors’ section of this document is subject to the current ‘Membership Terms and Conditions’.