Teacher Tuesday!!!

River City Labs, UofI Extension, UofI Fab Lab, The Peoria Playhouse Museum, and Caterpillar collaborated on this Teacher Focused Social event to understand a day in the life of teachers and how the Maker Culture is making its way into the classroom. 40+Teachers, librarians, and other eductional focused attendees from around the state had the opportunity to explain what is working and what isnt working in their pursuit of STEM/STEAM related programming.

The goal of these events is to form an understanding and a community of Teachers who are also Makers and who can support each other by adopting the Maker Culture and bringing a Making Mentality into the classroom.

Some of the lessons we learned:
1.) Anybody who makes anything is a maker
2.) Knowledge sharing and Social learning are more important than physical tools
3.) Making doesnt have to be High Tech
4.) Sometimes there is a disconnect between what we have and what we know how to use (and what we want and what we can afford)
5.) Time is a huge issue
6.) Teachers and Librarians often times struggle to figure out how to go about implementing activities
7.) some find it hard to gain the interest in things they want to try.

There will be another event on Feb 7th … Stay tuned15380812_10154786174329153_4744694657808423921_n 15391167_10154786174369153_1376407538665186366_n 15420776_10154786174334153_4454660746424454762_n 15391100_10154786174889153_6004463451212204632_n 15380350_10154786174884153_1318080107696744093_n 15338775_10154786174739153_6267247519060137356_n-1 15338775_10154786174739153_6267247519060137356_n 15284911_10154786174734153_7789989194677851634_n

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