k6984583Thanks to our awesome landlord / circus fanatic we are able to expand to the main floor of Advanced Space at 1213 SW Adams in Downtown Peoria. River City Labs expansion brings a new chapter to this already Great Makerspace in Peoria, IL.  With the expansion, our once all-in-one space will now allow zoned areas and floors designated for different interests and capabilities that was once so out of reach and simply a dream.  Some of the new zones will split our “dirty” areas from our “clean” allowing members who are looking for an area to work away from the wood working and metal working a reality.  Some other zones we are looking to build are a textiles mezzanine, wood working area (hopefully soon with some new tools), metal working area, lounged couch area, and a tech talk stage.

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Midwest MakerFest

Are you interested in DIY? What about Technology? 3D Printing? Drones? What about Art? Well if you said yes to any of those, welcome to the Midwest MakerFest hosted by River City Labs!

Midwest MakerFest is Peoria’s chance to celebrate the art of making, tinkering, and inventing. Presented by RiverCityLabs, a 501(c)(3) organization, Midwest MakerFest will be at the Peoria Civic Center in conjunction with Ignite Peoria. Midwest Makerfest represents the largest maker event the Central Illinois—in our first year we had over 30 maker groups and 7000 attendees! Come celebrate making in Peoria!

Midwest MakerFest is a venue for makers, artists, and technologists to show off their projects. Being a part of the maker community is an important way to ensure that we continue to grow and impact the world around us. Participating in Midwest MakerFest is a good way to meet like-minded people, participate in education, and learn a little along the way. The best part—it’s free to become an exhibitor!

Keep your eyes open for next year opportunity to become a exhibitor and sponsor.

Thank you to this year’s wonderful Midwest MakerFest sponsors