PET Night Reminder: March 13, 2017

Just a reminder that Monday is PET night at River City Labs starting at 6pm! The Tech talk will be about Personal Net Security Tips and Tricks @ 7:30 Central Time. We will also be having a brainstorming session on vehicle warning lights for the St Jude Memphis to Peoria Run chase vehicles.

PET Night is a night to focus on and learn about Programming, Electronics, and Technology. This night is a once a month, Monday special event night for our River City Labs Members to “nerd” out focusing on technology projects, chat with fellow members about the pros and cons of their technological experiences, and learn new things. Like our normal build nights on Thursday’s, we let the night be what it is and let everyone do what they do with the addition of a 10-20 minute tech talk speaker at 7:30pm and a question and answer session to follow. With the fast moving technological world we live in this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and socialize with your fellow members. Come join us!!!

If you are interested in River City Labs or looking to check us out before joining please feel free to come visit. This night is a non-public member night but we welcome people wanting to learn about the group and potential joining members. Please read more about us at

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